Welcome to R.O.C.K Ministry Singapore

Blessed 2020! More of the Lord, from the Lord & for the Lord as we are entering The Year of Emerging Leaders. At GBI R.O.C.K Ministry Singapore, we dedicate to help you to fulfil your destiny as Representatives of Christ's Kingdom. Join us in our Sunday Service with all other Indonesians in this region, make new friends and let's grow & encounter Jesus' love together.


Sunday Celebration @ Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, 10am - 12 noon. Contact +65 9856 8720 (Dede).


Ibadah minggu sementara waktu diadakan melalui online streaming sesuai dengan arahan pemerintah Singapura.

Kingdom News

Get the latest Kingdom News (Warta Minggu) and be enriched with inspiring articles for your daily devotion.

Temporary Sunday Service Online

“Shalom Bapak/Ibu dan Sdr/Sdri jemaat ROCK Ministry Singapore yang kami kasihi,
kami informasikan untuk Ibadah raya sementara diadakan melalui online streaming sesuai dengan anjuran pemerintah Singapore. Tuhan memberkati.”

“Shalom our beloved brothers & sisters of ROCK Ministry Singapore,
Following the instruction from Singapore’s government, we’d like to inform you that Sunday Service will be conducted via online streaming for time being. God bless you.”

Online streaming every Sunday at 10 AM: http://www.rockministry.tv

Senior Pastor, ROCK International Ministry (RIM) Singapore
Ps. Harry Pudjo